Journal Special Issues

  1. Challenges in Human-Centered Robotics , Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, Deadline: 31.12.2023 – webpage
    • This Special Issue discusses the fundamental challenges in human-centered robotics and possible approaches to addressing them. From the Human-Centered Design perspective, we aim to discuss issues, including robot safety, delayed operations, shared control, human–robot communication and interaction, haptics, learning, robot aesthetics, and unconventional interaction methods with robots.
    • Editors
      • Dr. Sven Mayer
      • Dr. Michael Gienger
      • Dr. Alexander Dietrich
      • Prof. Dr. Albrecht Schmidt
      • Prof. Dr. Alin Albu-Schäffer
    • Keywords
      • Safety, Transparency, Visualization of robots in VR, Haptics, Unconventional interaction with robots, Modeling of world, Environment, Dynamics and humans for physical human–robot interaction, Learning methods to facilitate interaction, Continuum between fully automatic/independent, Operation and shared interaction, Shared control, Industry robots vs. non-industry context, Human–robot communication